In remedial activity, Standard Constructors, Inc. has clear advantages over the competition in both general contractor and specialty contractor work. First, we employ an experienced 40-hour trained workforce; we retain our technical staffs, from environmental scientists to field foremen; and, we have all company-owned equipment necessary for virtually any task. Additionally, we provide cutting-edge contract management and scheduling systems on a daily basis, not generally utilized by most competing contractors.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience of both avenues of contracting. Standard Constructors, Inc’s extensive background enables us to look at a particular project from a practical operations point of view. This often leads to innovative ideas and methods for modest changes in the project plan, historically saving field time, meeting time, and subcontractor markups, all of which can yield significant cost savings for our customers.

Standard Constructors, Inc. has completed work at all levels, in various environments, from top-10 Superfund projects to rerouting chemical sewers to job site oil spills, to derailment cleanups. Whatever the environmental task may be, Standard Constructors, Inc. can provide a full range of service, including:

  • Storm and flood damages
  • Soil Remediation
  • Sheet pile cutoff walls
  • Dredging & dewatering
  • Sediment remediation
  • Sludge solidification and soils stabilization
  • Slurry wall and trench construction
  • Excavation and earthwork